Same day delivery across the region

Cash on delivery management

Return management made seamless

Expand your business internationally with ease

One Source
Multiple Solutions.

Next generation Transport Management System, delivers real-time tracking of packages, and optimal user experience with Route Optimization, full control of our fleet and integration with our 3PL partners.

We offer same day and next day delivery, Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery and Pre Paid payment methods, domestic last mile and cross border delivery.

To ensure you get full value for your money, we partner with multiple leading 3PL providers in the MENA region and choose the right delivery service provider for your business and the targeted delivery areas.

Our Delivery Services

Express B2C Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Cross Border

Localized & Customer Support

Clearance & B2B Cargo

API Integration

International Coverage

Return Management

Benefits Like None Other

World Wide Coverage

Flexible shipping solutions with worldwide coverage for import and export needs. (COD and prepaid).

Order Returns

Unique return management workflow and QC.

Weight charge

Top weighing and scaling dimensional control solutions (no more extra weight charges!).

Cost Effective

Pay per order and reduce your fixed running costs.

Real-Time Reports

Get analysis reports for your orders’ movement, sales trends, fast moving items and coupled products.

Same Day Everything

Same day fulfillment and shipping services (no more worrying about cut off times ).

No Problem

We support all SMEs in our region and have a roadmap to expand all over Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UK, China, and the US. We want to scale up to a scenario where we will take care of all our clients’ back-end needs with the highest level of technology so they can concentrate on what they do best; their products and promoting them. We offer services to anyone who wishes to transform their company in the technological era. Our headquarters are in Dubai, and due to our international partnerships and our cutting edge technology, we do not need to have more space in the US, Europe or Asia. We want people to interact more with technology and to this end, one of our aims is to increase awareness about the countless advantages of technology.

Are you an SME? Ecommerce Seller? Social Seller?

Let us help you increase your business efficiency by giving you hassle-free warehousing solutions


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